Training & Mentorship


AHP’s Training Programmes are designed to facilitate and expedite the transition process for agents, both new to the industry and to the AHP sales force. The development and enhancement of skills for agents who have been in the industry for years also remains a core focus and is highly valued. The AHP Training Programmes include:

  1. AHP INDUCTION –  All Agents new to AHP have the opportunity to attend a three-day induction course. The induction course is carefully tailored to address the needs of those who are starting a career in real estate as well as seasoned professionals. The course provides a comprehensive and all-inclusive understanding of how the property sector works.

    Cost of Induction Course: FREE!

  2. INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME – The AHP internship programme provides our interns with the theoretical and practical experience they need to not only successfully complete their internship period, but to ultimately reach the pinnacle of real estate in South Africa.

    The programme consists of a mandatory year-long internship, during which experienced mentors, who are committed to monitor and facilitate each internship position, ensure that each new entrant is fully equiped to obtain the mandatory qualification (FETC: Real Estate (NQF4)).

    Cost of internship programme: FREE!
  3. LIVE BIGGER, SELL BETTER – The LBSB training modules are unrivalled within the industry and are inclusive of everything a sales agent needs to know! The following material is covered: Property Contracts and the Law; Property Finance, Canvassing; Profiling Sellers and Buyers; Property Listings, Obtaining Mandates, Marketing a Property; Negotiation Skills; and the Agent’s Personal Business Plan, amongst many other important topics.

    Cost of LBSB: FREE!

  4. LIVE BIGGER, LET BETTER – The LBLB course, covers all aspects of the rental game. Included in the material that is covered is: Property Contracts and the Law; Property Finance, Canvassing; Profiling Tenants and Landlords; Property Listings, Obtaining Authorities to Market, Marketing a Property; Negotiation Skills; and the Agent’s Personal Business Plan, amongst other topics.

    Cost of LBLB: FREE!


  5. LIVE BIGGER, SIT BETTER – Show days are the golden opportunity for a sales agent to attract a buyers attention. Seeing that buyers are sellers, this vehicle also provides agents with an excellent lead generation tool. Our specialist ‘Sitters’ course ensures that all AHP sitters are able to provide our AHP agents with unmatched professionalism at all levels of their show day campaigns.

  6. GUEST LECTURES – Having an affiliation with a variety of strategic partnerships has afforded AHP the opportunity to regularly invite industry professionals to present informative presentations that focus on educating agents on the latest industry trends within a number of insightful property-related spheres.

  7. AHP SYSTEMS TRAINING – With a determined approach to keep our finger on the technological pulse, AHP has invested heavily in developing operational systems. These systems ensure that AHP agents are always one step ahead of our competitors! As such Systems Training sessions are provided on a regular basis.