Management and Support

Whilst Adrienne Hersch Properties started off as a one-woman show, this is not the case any longer. Today our corporate structure consists of various departments that contribute to the group’s overall mission and goals.

  • AHP MARKETING – AHP agents enjoy the benefits of tried and tested marketing strategies which psycho-graphically target and engage the qualified and inquisitive customer. AHP specialises in innovative strategic thinking; with marketing expertise that provides our agents with the utmost insight into both the print and digital realm!
  • AHP CONVEYANCING – Buying and selling a home can often send both agents and clients on an emotional roller coaster! There are often feelings of excitement and exhilaration, which are coupled with feelings of irritation, impatience and the endless questioning of, “Why hasn’t my deal been transferred yet?” A property transaction is like a jigsaw puzzle; all the pieces of the puzzle have to come together to complete the transaction.  As such, AHP Conveyancing provides a service that oversees the entire transaction process from beginning to end. This is all inclusive of the lawyers receiving instructions after the sale has been completed, to collating the required documentation, whilst monitoring and managing any possible pitfalls that could prejudice a deal.
  • AHP LOGISTICS – AHP Logistics manages the flow of our resources between the point of origin and the point of usage. This is to always ensure that the requirements of our agents are met with the utmost ease and efficiency!
  • AHP ACCOUNTS – At the end of the day, agents are in the business of making money! AHP Accounts provides accounting services and financial support to all AHP agents, specifically ensuring that PAYE is deducted and paid to SARS and that IRP5’s are complete and issued. Most importantly, AHP Accounts is responsible for ensuring that our agents get paid their professional fees without any hassle.
  • AHP ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT – No job is too big for our admin team! Whether it is answering phones, maintaining files, sending and receiving correspondence, greeting clients or keeping our offices clean and tidy; our team of Administrative Support staff form the backbone of our business. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional, the end result of their collaborative effort is that our agents are able to enjoy a working environment in which they can truly thrive!
  • AHP LEGAL – As real estate agents, we are faced with the possibility of a plethora of legal issues that may arise, as well as changes in legislation that can affect the documentation that we use in order to go about our daily business. With access to some of the best attorneys in South Africa, AHP Legal ensures that our agents have quick access to legal knowledge and advice when and if they need it.