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A note from our C.E.O


Four values, which are necessary for the successful development of any strong family unit. Likewise, our company was built on these values or as we like to call them our Four Pillars of Success. They have been an invariable feature of our steady growth and success over the years and will continue to form an integral role in every element of our business going forward.

The interactive nature of the real estate industry dictates that our worth as a Company and as a Brand is defined by the relationships that we build. In fact, if I have learnt anything from the many years playing this game, it is that our core business is not Property. Property is simply a bi-product. Our Business is People, and as such, our success will always be measured by service coming before reward.

Our greatest strength is our reputation. Recognising that every client has their own unique demands, we work hard to understand and meet their personal needs – one client at a time, achieving the right price, in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of hassle.

Lastly, Adrienne Hersch Properties and my immediate family are synonymous. Our combined reputation means more to us than Rand’s and Cent’s. Integrity is a by-word of how we do business and in having my two sons on board, I have taken a long-term perspective on our business by looking towards the next generation and not just the next quarterly earnings report.

So I welcome you to take a visit through our careers website and gain some invaluable insight into our organisation, we look forward to putting our skills to work for you!

Adrienne Hersch

Founder and CEO

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, and in the midst of economic and political uncertainty, Adrienne Hersch Properties was born. At that time the political situation in South Africa was driving foreign investment out of the country and property was deemed a high risk investment. That however did not stop Adrienne.

Through hard work and perseverance, Adrienne’s vision of building a sophisticated and professional brokerage firm was soon realised. Today, Adrienne Hersch Properties is widely regarded by many as Gauteng’s Real Estate company of choice, providing a full spectrum of property services. The company’s head office remains in Houghton, Johannesburg.

With her two sons, Ari and Daniel joining the business in 2010 and 2014 respectively, the company has made incredible strides in growth and development and is well and truly on a path to becoming South Africa’s market leader in the Real Estate Brokerage industry.

Operating predominantly in the residential sector, Adrienne Hersch Properties provides a comprehensive spread of services including property sales, rentals and letting, property investment and a specialist residential developments division. With the view to constantly moving forward and expanding its service base, further specialist divisions are planned to be unveiled in the not too distant future, incorporating hospitality projects, sectional title administration and breaking into the international market.

The types of properties marketed by the group span a broad cross section of the industry, including homes and apartments, game and wine farms, golf and eco-estate properties, residential developments (vacant land and fully developed), guest lodges and offshore property investments. The residential sales operation currently incorporates company owned branches, however, with the recent launch of the company’s franchise model, the company’s broad-based reach is sure to grow both across South Africa and beyond.

Adrienne Hersch Properties is consistently setting new benchmarks in terms of professional, world-class standards within the South African real estate industry, and continually remains focused on being at the forefront of innovations in the marketing of real estate both locally and internationally.


What Does It Take to Be a Real Estate Agent at Adrienne Hersch Properties

“At Adrienne Hersch Properties, we are looking to attract like-minded Real Estate Professionals who are interested in building their business within a business and who share our dream of changing the South African brokerage game through an innovative approach and unwavering professionalism.”

“We are looking for “Thought Leaders”, who are passionate about positioning themselves as a dominant force within the industry.

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