“I love working at Adrienne Hersch Properties because it feels like home. It is an incredibly inspirational company with strong leadership and motivation from its CEO. I especially enjoy the great vibe and culture.”

– Marion Rosenberg

“The reason I love working at AHP is because of the familybased environment within the company. Everyone is here to help one another with an open-door policy and warm nature. Very different to the norm allowing us to take the lead The innovative marketing department also offers something amongst our competitors.”

– Dan Onay

“I joined Adrienne Hersch Properties in 2016 and within minutes of my first day, I had never felt more at home (excuse the pun). There is something about working with like-minded and hungry professionals who constantly inspire, motivate and challenge their fellow colleagues in order to yield their personal optimum results. I am treated with huge respect, given daily encouragement and each day is more diverse than the previous. Surrounding myself with my colleagues, coupled with an unwavering administration and management team who act as the superglue to the very core of AHP, their care and guidance for their agents is unquantifiable. They are effortlessly accessible to assist with your own business as a whole as well as the understanding of personal matters. As agents at AHP we grow our own business within the business. You become your own CEO. I am so honoured to be part of this family tree and will continue to break the barriers. It is impossible not to love what I do.”

– Jonathan Weinberg